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ru:Блуждающие облака

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The year is 1866, the twilight of the Tokugawa era. As Japan boldly moves into a new age, one man couldn't possibly care less. That man is Kumosuke Haguregumo, a retired samurai who has since become the town fool. Though he still carries his twin-bladed katana, Kumosuke spends his days smoking, drinking, and womanizing, rarely coming home before dawn. At home, however, wait his wife and two children, Shinnosuke and Ohana, who are constantly troubled by Kumosuke's antics.

As Shinnosuke grows older, he begins to understand the world around him. Troubled by his father's reputation, Shinnosuke attempts to live a life of honor, though finding what honor means in a turbulent era is difficult. As Shinnosuke navigates his relationship with his father, countless other warriors struggle to find their place in the ever-changing world.


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