Dolphin Ouji

Akční, Dobrodružství, Sci-Fi, Děti
Dolphin Ouji


TV řady (3 dílů)
Od 1965-04-04 do 1965-04-18

Alternativní názvy

ru:Дельфиний принц

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Produced as a short experimental trial series of only 3 episodes and filmed in black and white. Inspired in part by the novel "Deep Range" by Arthur C. Clarke, the tale of an undersea boy (Dolphin Prince) with a pet dolphin, who swam in a wetsuit with a built-in jetpack and stunned his enemies with an aqua-boomerang. The episodes featured his mermaid friend Neptuna and Dr. Mariner, with stories entitled "Secret Of The Red Vortex", "Call Of The Sea" and "Attack Of The Sea-Star People."

(Source: Wikipedia and The Anime Encyclopedia)
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